I’m Back!!!

And I am back on the saddle…

It’s been a while – I can’t believe how fast the last couple of years went by!  Where should I start when I barely remember where I left off?

Let’s see…so there I was – living miserably alone, overworked and broke. I got a handsome job offer to be a shadow teacher, which drained me to the core so I ended up going back to the school job I was desperate to leave because everyone there just drove me nuts! Being in the emotional state that I was, I tried not to mingle much and just concentrated on work. I didn’t have the time nor energy for politics and if I did have time to spare,I was at the library where I peacefully talked to my close friends at work. Other than a few occasions when I was asked to give lectures about the department I was in, I avoided people in fear that I would break down at the slightest provocation.

My husband had gotten comfortable with his daily routine of coming to see me for lunch everyday and going back home to his beloved @*€#%?!!  in the evening. I was just sick and tired of it all that. I used every reason I could think of to shun the world away and sulk in my tiny room. I woke up tired everyday and suffered from severe migraines so I often got my wish to stay in bed for days. Had it not been for my sons, I would’ve stopped moving altogether.

I felt hopeless but at the same time I knew that one day, I would wake up to a blessing – and I did. After thousands of online applications for jobs, I got a reply from a school in Japan with whom I had a phone interview months before. I have always wanted to go to Japan! Could this be the start of a new life that I’ve prayed for for so long?

That was a year and a half ago. I’ve been in Japan since. I’ll fill you in on the details next time. For now, I’ll put my kids to sleep. ❤