Holiday Blues

What is it with the holidays that makes people go looney? I was happily savoring a cup of coffee in a Starbucks mug a friend of a friend gave me for Christmas and suddenly I’m in a flood of tears and reminiscing again. Phew! This is getting really old. 

I wanted to blame it on the season or the weather but that didn’t help much. So I decided to blame it on the mug:



Of course, this ain’t my mug. Mine is white and pale. The person who gave it to me saw me browsing over the shelf when we visited Starbucks one night. He decided to give me the one that HE liked, not the one that I liked. I’m such a sucker for Starbucks tumblers and I would’ve jumped for joy had he given me the gold Christmas tumbler that looked so jolly Christmas-ey. Anyway, now his white mug is out of sight. I I tucked it under the bed where I can’t see it after concluding it was jinxed. 

I guess it was the usual depression kick I get when I’m not very occupied. I got on the phone with my husband and listened to him repeat himself ten times over about ‘things getting better.’ Will they still really? I mean, it’s one thing to have someone beside you to comfort you when you’re down not to mention shower you with stuff you hardly need just to cheer you up and it’s totally another thing on my side of the fence.

The other day my roommate was complaining how she has a lot of tidying up to do because  she can’t find her bed under the laundry she hasn’t had the time to fold. I told her I intentionally do not fold my clothes right away so I am all cramped sleeping and I get to fool myself that I am not alone.

So I cried my eyes out again last night after talking to my future ex and now I need a ton of cucumbers to make the bags go away. Now I realize it never helps to be around people who would remind me why I am where I am right now. I should go far away to  a Neverland where I can forget about 2012 altogether. I found this nice post on my friend’s FB timeline, this would definitely be in my 2013 resolution: