A Self-Proclaimed Day Off

I did not go to work today. Nope, I’m not sick, thankfully, and I don’t really have any urgent errand to do. I just didn’t feel like going to school today. It’s a little irresponsible, I know, but after more than a month of stressful, sleepless nights working on student write-ups for the SEN (Special Educational Needs) Department which I’m in charge of, one day to sleep a few extra hours is much deserved.

The school I work in has painstakingly tried to move mountains in a span of five months. Everyday there’s something new here and there. One day I was like “Oh, what’s this Vision-Mission up the wall?” or “Wow, there’s tissue in the washroom!” and “Huh? Where did that playground come from?” Everyone just went crazy preparing ‘good’ lessons, too. We were up for another inspection from the government and the school had consecutively failed in this the past 3 years. Failing again might mean shutting us down for good. And the management wouldn’t want that, would they?

So after weeks and weeks of being chased by the higher ups to organize the SEN department (which I single-handedly put up from scratch when I got hired last September) and making demo lessons for the teachers in between…I just want to….sleep.

So what’s up for today? Nothing much.

After I brought food for lunch which is basically dried fish, fried egg and fried rice (yum!). I packed the cargo of goodies that I’d be sending my dear mom and kids. Mom wanted it to arrive before Christmas (she’s actually thinking that I sent it already) but, no time to pack the past month right?


And after packing each perfume, each lotion, each chocolate box with bubble wrap, and putting everything in the box which now weighs more than me, here it goes:


That bag on top are chips that did not fit in the box anymore. They’ll come in handy the next time I get stressed.

The first cargo box that I packed all by myself! I missed the extra pair of hands that used to do the packing for me but…can’t rely on those anymore. So proud. 🙂

I wonder when they’re going to pick this up?


7 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. myninjanaan
    Dec 17, 2012 @ 18:01:38

    you know sister, from the last few posts you’ve written, you give off this sense of happiness. I’m not sure if you feel that way, but from your posts from a few months back and your latest posts, your writing makes it seem as if you are happier inside.
    I really hope that is the case, and we’re praying for you 🙂
    inshAllah everything will be great 🙂


    • hearthquakes
      Dec 17, 2012 @ 19:52:16

      Alhamdullilah, sister. Allah is helping me find happiness again. Moving away is helping me move on. Inshallah everything will finally be cleared out soon. I am eager to start a new life again – me with my kids will be fine.


  2. imaanii
    Dec 18, 2012 @ 00:17:35

    I agree with Myninjanaan. I’m very happy for you, but I understand it’s hard for you at the same time. I wish you the best. Salaam from me XX (I don’t really know what the x-es mean)


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